Sunday, November 1, 2015

Review ... Desperately Undone by Christine Winston


Having been kidnapped ten years ago, Bree Richards knows just how dangerous this world can be. Since then she has locked herself and her memories away; that was until his release day loomed. His blue eyes have haunted her dreams and waking life for months. As Bree delves further into what happened during her captivity, she recalls a terrifying attack. With more unanswered questions than she started out with, Bree makes the decision to hunt him down.

Michael Ryan won’t ever forgive himself for what he did to her. He tried to make things right ten years ago but her beaten and bruised body was evidence enough that he had been a coward. She was the most fragile and beautiful thing he had ever set eyes on and he needed to save her. Unfortunately he was part of the reason she needed saving. When she forces her way into his hotel room, wielding a gun and holding him hostage, she demands that he face the demons of his past. Can he convince her to leave before they catch up with him? Can he watch her walk away forever?

Landing herself into more trouble than she bargained for, Bree finds herself traveling across the country with her tormentor. With Boston’s underworld and the sexy Agent Davis on their heels, Bree is forced to trust the one man who destroyed her life. The one man that she couldn’t seem to forget.


3.75 STARS

So, I really liked the plot of this story and I liked the twists and turns that the plot took throughout the book. I loved the mystery and suspense, and the fact that it lasted throughout the whole book was very enjoyable. I also liked the characters and the fact that we get multiple POV's throughout the book. It helped to connect with the storyline and the characters so much easier. I especially loved the connection that Bree and Michael had right from the beginning. I would have liked a bit more of their relationship to see how it grew so strong, but I also liked that it didn't overshadow the end game of the story. 

Bree's character starts out very week emotionally and mentally, but I loved that she soon started to grow into a strong woman who asserted herself and decided to start living again. I liked that she started overcoming the things of her past and wanted to put them to rest. She really surprised me by the end of this book and it was a good surprise. I liked who she became. I also liked that she was so easy to connect with. 

Another character that I liked was Jo. She is the best friend any girl would want and she is so strong and sassy. I loved that about her. I also liked that she was dedicated and committed to helping Bree get better and to move on with her life in any way that she could. She stuck by Bree in tough circumstances and that is a really admirable trait for a secondary character. 

Now, let's talk Michael. He is definitely the strong silent type. He is a man of few words, but he gets his point across with or without them. I could feel his attraction to Bree right off the bat and I loved that he used her as his reason to be different than where his life was headed. I think that I fell in love with when he always put Bree's happiness and safety above his own. BUT there were few chapters where I kind of hated him, just for a little while... He ultimately redeems himself and I loved him all over again. 

Agent Davis at first seemed all kinds of shady, but he too redeems himself by the end of this book. I also like the tension that he and Jo radiate when they are around each other. I think there is something brewing with those two and it will be interesting to see what it is. 

Overall this book is a good read and will keep you glued to the pages. But if you are someone who despises grammatical errors and misspelled or missing words then you should move along. One thing that also is a bit confusing and could distract is that a lot of English sayings are used throughout the book versus the American sayings. If that sort of stuff is hard to overlook then this book isn't for you. 

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