✧ Review Policy ✧

1. Romance, New Adult Romance, Erotica, Dark Erotica, Mystery, Thrillers, some Young Adult and some Paranormal (only if it sounds interesting to me without too many paranormal beings).

2. I am only one reviewer so I will not overwhelm myself with too many books at one time. 

3. If I sign up for an ARC review I will always have that book read and reviewed either by release day or my scheduled blog tour date. 

4. If you have a book that has already been released and are looking for more review I will be happy to read and review, but I will give you an estimation of when I might be able to get around to reading and reviewing. 

5. I am an honest reviewer. If my review is going to be  3 ✩ or less I will contact you personally and allow you to make the decision if you would like me to post my review or not. 

6. My review will be posted on this blog, Amazon, Goodreads and on Facebook. If you request I will also post my review on Barnes & Noble, Kobo and iTunes as I also have accounts with those platforms as well, but it MUST be requested. 

1 comment:

  1. Hi Shanoff.
    I read the reviews for "The Sect" and there were a handful I thought were exceptionally well written and yours was one of them. Your review captured the excitement of the book, but like you said, the reader needs to do the unravelling of it, and you didn't give anything away that would diminish that excitement/enjoyment. That takes skill! So, I thought I would ask if you would possibly consider reviewing my Dark Romance novel on Amazon called "The Dangerous Path of Loving Jaesha". I can send it to you in any format you want.

    Anyway, it was IMO a well done review.

    Thanks for your time.
    Lorain O'Neil